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Welcome to
Red Scare Seed Company


At RSSC, we understand the hard earned value of your dollar. Our main mission is to provide connoisseur quality genetics at working-man’s prices. With us, you can feel comfortable, knowing that our rigorous breeding standards and selections will lead you to a bounty of glorious funk. 

**Banannibal drop**

Pre-orders opening friday, January 27th @ 4:20pm CST  

>There will only be 8 bundles sold<

Bundles will include the following 5 crosses:

> Banana OG x Banannibal

> Sophie Haim x Banannibal

> GMO fuel f5 x Banannibal

> Agha Cream Cake x banannibal

> Black tourmaline og x banannibal 


Banana og x Hannibal og 


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